Hoodoo has been building creative operations workflows using Workfront and Adobe Expereince Manager longer than anyone. We understand how to get the most out of both platforms. We've greatly enhanced the creative digital asset production efficiency for many of our clients including Adobe and Lumen. We do can it for you too.

What's Included

Our packaged service offering will remove the guess work from the implementation process to get your business efficiently creating and managing content through AEM Assets and Workfront. Below are the deliverables and activities you can expect with this offering:

Establish Asset Ingestion Workflows

Group and workflow design that covers the end-to-end process of asset creation from intake request forms to final approval. Most importantly the process will enable team members to operate primarily from their primary toolset, whether that is Workfront, Creative Cloud, or Adobe Experience Manager.

Define Metadata Schemas

Capture the data and information early that will drive insights and functionality further down the pipeline. Hoodoo will build and configure the metadata schemas and data models to ensure data flows from system to system allowing for better automation and reporting. Hoodoo will also bring ready to use standard metadata configurations to jumpstart your schema definition.

Configure Workfront Tools for AEM

Workfront Tools for AEM is the bridge that integrates the multiple platforms. Workfront Tools runs within Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service and provides a suite of predefined workflow models and custom workflow steps to both get you up and running fast and also enable in-depth customization down the road.

Map Creative Projects from Workfront to AEM

Bring organization and consistency to your Assets workflow with a systematic mapping between Workfront Projects and AEM. Along with metadata and the automatic flow of assets, make it easy and reliable to know where assets live in both systems.

Configure Asset Link with Creative Cloud

Asset Link allows your design team to stay in their Creative Cloud toolset while easily interacting with Adobe Experience Manager and Workfront through workflows that are set up and configured from the Workfront Tools.

Connect Asset Insights with Adobe Analytics

Adobe Experience Manager Assets includes a framework for capturing important asset analytics and providing the information in context with the assets in AEM. Utilizing the Workfront integration we are also able to pul important details gathered from the asset creation to better determine the value of your assets.

Optimize your creative asset production workflow

With a predictable timeframe and cost, Hoodoo can get you started with the an integrated creative asset production workflow. Additional custom requirements can also be incorporated into the solution as well.

Base Package

Services Cost


Asset Workflows
Metadata Schemas
Project Organization
Configure Workfront Tools for AEM
Creative Cloud Asset Link
Asset Analytics

Adobe & Workfront Certified

Hoodoo understands how the modern enterprise requires robust solutions for solving their evolving content needs that meet both business and customer requirements and expectations.

It takes both training and hands-on implementations to understand the capabilities of Workfront's and Adobe's solutions. Hoodoo has team members that are both Adobe Certified and Workfront Core Certified.

When you work with Hoodoo, you are working with a team that knows how to untangle complex business use-cases and define the technical solution for delivery that streamlines processes.

"Hoodoo was a great partner that not only helped us create the solution by looking at people, processes, and tech but is also a valued partner to help us extend the solution as we discover new use cases."