Why Workfront Tools for AEM?

Remove the abyss between your work management platform and your production AEM Assets and significantly increase the velocity at which your assets go from concept to deployment.

Workfront Tools for AEM enables collaboration

What you gain

Easy Collaboration

Creative teams can worry about one less thing. Now when the work is done they can send it to AEM Assets with the click of a button.

Reference Existing Assets

Easily find existing assets in production and add them to new projects as reference items.

Add Metadata Anywhere

Enhance your metadata by making it as easy as possible to add. With the Connector, metadata can now be added from both systems.

Hoodoo's Workfront Tools Specifics

From beginning to end and beyond

Link Folders
& Assets

Simple user interface that enables bi-directional activity.


SSO capability and smart user management to control access rules.

Your Data

Metadata mapping tool allows you to decide where the data is stored.

Want more specifics?

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