Why the Fastly Connector by Hoodoo?

Speed and performance matters. Customers leave when content doesn’t load. And search engines demote sites with poor performance. Good news is that we have a pre-built connector that accelerates Adobe Experience Manager using Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform.

What you gain

Speed up load times globally

By uniting the edge power of Fastly with Adobe Experience Manager, you can reduce the distance between your experiences and customers, significantly improving load times globally.

Reduce downtime, optimize performance

The connector will optimize performance across your AEM platform, plus will enable you to scale where and when you need it most.

Ensure and secure the experience

With this connector, critical components of your experiences will stay live. Plus you’ll be protected across the board, for everything from unauthorized access to DDOS attacks.

The Hoodoo Fastly Connector powers AEM at the edge

Hoodoo's Fastly Connector Specifics

From beginning to end and beyond

Simplify how
you manage

From domain mappings to redirects, the connector simplifies management.

Control your

The simple UI makes it easy to control how paths are proxied.

Make your
own rules

Manage updates within AEM instead of waiting for a system admin.

Want more specifics?

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