Why the Cludo Connector by Hoodoo?

Increasing customer engagement is valuable. Develop relevant search results and create valued content within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with the help of the Cludo connector.

The Hoodoo Fastly Connector powers AEM at the edge

What you gain

Autocomplete searches

Refine the user's search with intelligent results by adding the Cludo search component into your template.

Customization made easy

Build banners and optimize search results all within the boundaries of AEM.

Immediate Action

With the integrated Cludo replication agent, it is guaranteed that your content will appear in results.

Hoodoo's Cludo Connector Specifics

From beginning to end and beyond

Simple, full

Include Cludo scripts, get instant results after publishing.

Drag and

Quickly integrate the Cludo components into your templates.

Never leave

Direct management access allows for fast search customization and analytics.

Want more specifics?

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