What is the role of a Solution Consultant?

By: Jared Linares

What is the role of a Solution Consultant?

Some people might be new to the idea of a Solution Consultant. What are they? What role do they play within an Adobe Experience Cloud project?

A Solution Consultant is the fusion of an experienced Business Analyst (BA) and a Project Manager (PM), both of whom understand the needs of a Business Practitioner. This lean technique allows Hoodoo Digital to integrate natural leaders into your project without the bloated cost of multiple resources.

Solution Consultants are your go-to subject matter expert for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) implementations as well as the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. Working side-by-side with our Technical Architects, Solution Consultants are able to cut down the barriers and headaches associated with large teams.

As an in-depth technical resource that has years of experience working in this field, a Solution Consultant can review your current marketing setup and help guide the necessary changes needed to improve your overall customer experience. Without knowing how AEM and the Adobe Experience Cloud work together, you could be wasting time, money, and resources for a quick band-aid fix. With a Solution Consultant, you will have guidance and leadership that will directly align with your current marketing needs and your vision for the future.

Highlighting the above skills and capabilities of a Solution Consultant can only be executed with continual growth in learning and staying current with Adobe's Experience Cloud. Because Hoodoo has been a partner with Adobe since its beginning (currently a Gold level partner), our Solution Consultants have full access to Adobe's Solution Partner Portal. Since we are Adobe Certified Experts, as Business Practitioners, the Adobe Solution Partner Portal allows us to stay up to date with Adobe products and participate in on-demand training. This resource along with the forward leaning drive to push ourselves to never stop learning as Solution Consultants is what sets us apart as leaders within our industry.

The best part of working with a Solution Consultant from Hoodoo is the immediate impact to your Return On Investment (ROI). Due to our strong cross-functional collaboration capabilities and our in-depth knowledge of the Adobe stack you can feel confident with your choice. You are gaining a two for the price of one resource as you no longer need to spend coveted funding on both a BA and a PM. Instead, that money goes back into your marketing channels.

Do you have a Solution Consultant that reduces cost without sacrificing expertise?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.