The Golden Thread Webinar: Tying Value to Your Assets from Creation to Delivery

Real Enterprise Asset Management Is Possible!

Centralized digital asset management is a struggle for many organizations. Siloed groups make decisions that seem right for what they’re doing, but over time this results in a disassociated tangle of orphaned assets. What’s worse, organizations don’t have a good idea of which assets are providing the most value for their marketing efforts. CenturyLink decided to tackle this issue and turned a mess of scattered asset repositories into a state-of-the-art, streamlined distribution center using Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager Assets. This integration with AEM Assets allowed us to send their assets through Dynamic Media to produce a single URL that could be used across all their digital channels and track the value of each asset through Adobe Analytics. As their Adobe partner, we worked with them to complete the project in just five weeks!

Enjoy this webinar where Shane LaBounty, Creative Operations Leader, Amey Smothers, Senior Marketing Manager, from CenturyLink, and Adam Driggs, Solution Consultant, from Hoodoo show how to build an end-to-end optimized process to manage asset creation, storage, distribution, and value attribution. This content is for anyone involved in asset production, management, or analysis of asset value.

To download the slide deck please click here.