Nisha Williams Completes AEM Sites Developer Certification

Nisha Williams Completes AEM Sites Developer Certification

There's always lots of good stuff happening at Hoodoo Digital. We are pleased to announce that Nisha Williams has completed the Adobe Certified Expert exam for the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer. This exam certifies that she “has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the value of their Adobe solution.” Adobe provides an exam guide that outlines the things that a Developer should be proficient with in order to pass the exam.

At a minimum, the candidate seeking certification should have and be able to:

  • A minimum of 1-year AEM development experience using version 6.3 or higher
  • Create, extend and configure templates and components
  • Build and configure OSGi components and services
  • Use Sling and JCR API
  • Have general knowledge about building using Apache Maven and be able to set-up their own environment (e.g., Java SDK, and AEM)
  • Test applications and troubleshoot AEM projects

The minimally-qualified AEM Developer should be familiar with the following tools and comfortable in the following environments:

  • Apache Maven
  • FileVault (vlt)
  • Java SDK
  • Unit testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit, TestNG, AEM Mocking)
  • Linux

When we asked Nisha why she wanted to take the certification exam she said: “As a developer starting to work with the AEM platform, I felt it was important to get certified to show that I had enough knowledge to work as an AEM expert with different companies. Passing the exam was not as important to me as having the understanding that came with studying up for the exam.”

Nisha is a Software Engineer and has been with Hoodoo Digital since August of 2018. She has worked on several projects as both a front end and back end developer. We are very proud of her hard work in completing the certification and are so glad to have her part of the Hoodoo team.

Does your implementation partner have dedicated team members certified by Adobe to be experts in their field?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.