Meghashyam Adoni Completes Adobe Analytics Developer Certification

Meghashyam Adoni Completes Adobe Analytics Developer Certification

There's always lots of good stuff happening at Hoodoo Digital. We are pleased to announce that Meghashyam Adoni has completed the Adobe Certified Expert exam for the Adobe Analytics Developer. This exam certifies that he “has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the value of their Adobe solution.” Adobe provides an exam guide that outlines the things that a Developer should be proficient with in order to pass the exam.

At a minimum, the candidate seeking certification should have and be able to:

  • Front end web development (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery Selector, basic RegEx) experience
  • Two years of experience deploying and configuring Adobe Analytics
  • Ability to read and interpret a solution design document
  • Familiarity with input/output methods and data extension methods
  • At least 6 months of Analytics reporting experience
  • Understanding of mobile SDKs, and corresponding features
  • Experience with Q/A testing processes and tools
  • Understands Adobe Experience Platform Launch and migrating from Dynamic Tag Management
  • At least 6 months experience deploying tag management systems
  • Understanding of common data layer methodology
  • An ability to design a data model and provide a cohesive approach

The minimally-qualified Analytics Developer should be familiar with the following technologies and environments:

  • Adobe Experience Platform Launch
  • Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger/ Omnibug
  • Adobe Analytics Admin console
  • Basic Workspace knowledge
  • Web development tools, code editor and mobile debugging tools
  • Charles proxy/debugger for Adobe Analytics extension
  • Observepoint (Adobe Auditor)
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Shared Audiences, Adobe People (customer attributes)
  • Data sources processing rules
  • Classification rules
  • Front-end web development environments
  • The field of digital marketing
  • Minimal knowledge of backend development environments including PC, Mac, Android/iOS operating systems (basic operations, not development)

When we asked Meghashyam why he wanted to pass this certification, his response was: “I had made a commitment to get certified. I had been working on Adobe Analytics projects for many years, but just hadn’t taken the time to get the certification. Hoodoo was willing to pay for the exam, so there was no reason not to finally get it done. Doing so helps to outwardly show to our clients that I actually know what I am doing.”

Meghashyam is both an Analytics developer as well as an AEM developer and has been with Hoodoo Digital since September of 2019. He has many years of experience working as a full stack developer and developed his own custom datalayer CMS integration for one of his clients. We are very proud of his hard work in completing the certification and are so glad to have him part of the Hoodoo team.

Does your implementation partner have dedicated team members certified by Adobe to be experts in their field?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.