Digital Foundation Blueprint Project Highlights

Through the use of Core Components, Experience Fragments, Editable Templates, and out of the box features, we organized the tools so that their content team could begin to create the experiences they wanted. Let’s outline the highlights of the Lionbridge AEM implementation to show the possibility of what can be done within a 90 calendar day scope.

AEM Focused Team

Hoodoo utilized a small surgical team of 2 full time AEM developers and 1 half time AEM architect for about 10 weeks of concerted AEM development.

Using Out-of-the-box AEM Functionality

Core Components were used for the entire site. Specifically 70% of the site uses the teaser component with style systems to make it look unique for each content presentation. This shows the enormous flexibility of the core components and initial success that Adobe took to launch a power implementation tool.

Existing Lead Capture

Lionbridge has been using Marketo for some time and has found quite a lot of success with it. Wanting to continue to use it, Hoodoo set up the embed component to allow them to keep using Marketo forms throughout the website, avoiding a costly and overly complex setup.

Content Migration

We ensured content continuity by migrating all previous blog content from WordPress. This included over 1300 pages of content from 10 different languages.

Lionbridge Translation Services

Configured the Lionbridge Connector for Experience Manager to facilitate translation for all future content. The connector allows marketers to easily translate web content without ever leaving the familiar UI of AEM.

Launching the Project

After the AEM core components were styled and organized, the content marketing team were able to build 128 content pages throughout the site, before the go-live date of June 29th.

Adobe Managed Services

Taking advantage of having the site hosted on Adobe Managed services, we were able to set everything up to flow through Adobe’s CI/CD pipeline tool, Cloud Manager. This helps streamline and simplify ongoing code deployments and site enhancements.

Building Structured Data with AEM

Created a Microdata schema tool, put in place on the page properties, to improve searchability and classification of their content page types by search engines, based on best practices.

Our Site Health (based on SEMRush – leading independent Search Engine Optimization platform) has jumped to an all-time high of 92%, and we have tangible actions that will bring us into the upper 90’s. Using this Digital Foundation Blueprint has given us the best step up that we could have hoped for. And we are proof that success with the Adobe Experience Platform doesn’t have to take a long time or bring a high cost.

Jaime Punishill - Chief Marketing Officer of Lionbridge

Partnership: A Blueprint to Success

How does something spectacular like this happen? First and foremost, you must have excellent partners, and Lionbridge was fantastic to work with. They understood the value that came from utilizing the Digital Foundation Blueprint approach, and they weren’t so rigid in their plans that they couldn’t make adjustments where it made sense. Second, you need to make sure that you are working with a team of engineers, like Hoodoo, that understands everything about Adobe Experience Manager Sites, and how to leverage its core functionality. Rather than looking for ways to customize or build something new, our AEM engineers and architects look for ways to succeed with the product as it exists, using the wealth of out of the box capabilities. And lastly, both groups have to work together. Both teams came together to listen to the organization's goals and understand what the platform can do. Then we formulated a plan for success that both sides were working towards, without trying to “squeeze one more thing in”.

We were so happy to be able to work with a team that understood our goals, knew the product inside and out, and were dedicated to helping us succeed in such a tight timeline.

Jaime Punishill - Chief Marketing Officer of Lionbridge

Because Lionbridge took this Digital Foundation Blueprint approach, they are up and running today, succeeding at their business objectives and planning for the future of what comes next. They ended up with a site of ~1300 pages, including translated versions, and are already expanding beyond that. The tools that they have available to them allow them the flexibility to create and innovate their content and also provide them the confidence to know that they can stay up to date with the Adobe Experience Platform.

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