Justin Hamende Completes AEM Sites Business Practitioner Certification

Justin Hamende Completes AEM Sites Business Practitioner Certification

There's always lots of good stuff happening at Hoodoo Digital. We are pleased to announce that Justin Hamende has completed the Adobe Certified Expert exam for the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner. This exam certifies that he “has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the value of their Adobe solution.” Adobe provides an exam guide that outlines the things that an Architect should be proficient with in order to pass the exam.

The minimally-qualified AEM Business Practitioner should be able to perform the following tasks without any assistance:

  • Understand the capabilities provided by out-of-the-box components available in AEM (what can and cannot be done), and when customer development is needed
  • Use the AEM Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Use AEM to manage Digital Assets
  • Use Experience Fragments
  • Understand and participate in workflows
  • Analyze business needs to identify a solution
  • Create business requirements documents that developers can use in the creation of an AEM website
  • Describe all the mobile capabilities of AEM (e.g., content services and responsive web design)

We asked Justin why he wanted to pass this certification and his response was: “To check myself on my own knowledge of AEM and learn about any areas that I might be lacking in and could improve”

Justin is a QA Engineer and has been with Hoodoo Digital since November of 2019. His technical expertise in Adobe Experience Manager helps us ensure the best quality for our clients, and he excels at guiding clients and teams through testing and user acceptance from project start to finish. We are very proud of his hard work in completing the certification and are so glad to have him part of the Hoodoo team.

Does your implementation partner have dedicated team members certified by Adobe to be experts in their field?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.