Hoodoo Packaged Migration Offering for Adobe and Workfront

Hoodoo Packaged Migration Offering for Adobe and Workfront

We are thrilled about the news that Adobe is acquiring Workfront, to bring it under its umbrella of tools. Adobe, the leader in web based marketing tools, and Workfront, the leader in work management, are a great combination. This is seen as a real positive for everyone involved.

As the preferred vendor for both Adobe and Workfront, in connecting AEM and Workfront, we are excited about what this means about the future of integrating these products for organizations. We are well positioned because of our experience implementing both pieces of software. Our Workfront Tools for AEM connector allows users of AEM and Workfront to harness more tools to streamline the creation, management, and delivery of Assets.

Additionally, we are announcing that we have a packaged migration offering to assist organizations to establish a fully optimized creative workflow from asset generation to asset delivery and reporting using Workfront and Adobe Experience Cloud. Hoodoo brings the tools, process, and expertise to ensure our customers can quickly realize the benefits of both platforms working as a fully integrated solution. Our offering allows organizations that are existing Workfront or Adobe customers to quickly gain the benefits of adopting the other platform. Learn more about the packaged migration offering.

Andy, one of our Co-founders put it best, “We have enjoyed our relationships with Workfront and Adobe for many years. Independently, they have both been great companies to partner with. I am extremely excited to see them join forces and look forward to the added value it will bring to our customers.”

As experts with both sets of software, we are able to assist organizations in setting up and maintaining systems that would enable marketers and managers to increase the flow of work and content between their teams. Are you looking for an implementation partner that is able to connect the Adobe Experience Cloud and Workfront?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.