Hoodoo Digital is now a Magento Business Partner

hoodoo digital partners with magento

We are especially excited to announce that Hoodoo Digital has become a business partner in the Magento Solution Partner Program! Co-founders Kem Elbrader and Andy Wakefield are honored to gain this partnership with Magento. This is in addition to their Silver partnership level in the Adobe Solution Partner Program, as a provider of Adobe Experience Manager implementations and connectors to third party marketing technology.

Magento solution partners are digital agencies and consulting firms whose primary business focus is strategy, creative, and implementation services for digital commerce solutions and have business practices with personnel dedicated to business consulting, program management, and/or development of Magento Commerce solutions.

The most useful benefit to becoming a Magento partner is the signal to customers that you understand the work entailed in assisting in an implementation, providing confidence to prospective customers. Some additional benefits to the partner include the following:

  • Training and Enablement - access to training content and opportunities
  • Powerful Marketing Tools - access to marketing campaigns and brand assets
  • Brand Exposure - special engagement opportunities online and in the field
  • Discounts on Magento U Courses - courses designed to help marketers, designers, developers, and more.
For additional information about the benefits of becoming a Magento business partner please see their page.

“We are excited to build out our expertise in the Adobe Experience Cloud with this new partnership around Magento Commerce which powers Adobe Commerce Cloud,” stated Jon Baddley, chief growth officer at Hoodoo. “The flexibility and scalability of the Magento ecommerce platform offers customers unique advantages to create engaging customer experiences.”

Having proved our effectiveness and prowess in AEM implementations for many years, we are poised to be able to assist organizations to include the Magento ecommerce solution to their web channel. While some may say that the two systems are incompatible, the connection between AEM and Magento will only continue to strengthen over time, as the development teams at Adobe find ways to integrate them. And in that time we are poised to help customers find ways to bridge the gaps between them, because we are a leader in connecting disparate systems into Adobe Experience Manager.

Are you looking for an implementation partner that continues to expand their expertise and relationships with the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.