Hoodoo Digital to be Platinum Level Sponsor for Workfront Leap 2020

We are pleased to announce that Hoodoo Digital is a Platinum level sponsor for Workfront’s 2020 Leap virtual conference. This is the second year that we have sponsored the Workfront Leap conference.

As both a Workfront Certified Partner with Workfront certified consultants on staff and an Adobe Gold partner, we are well positioned to assist many organizations in setting up and using Workfront as well as connecting it with Adobe Experience Manager. We look forward to showcasing our talent to users of both systems.

As evidence of this, we have created the Workfront Tools for AEM connector designed to compliment the Workfront for AEM Assets connector. Our Workfront Tools adds to the capabilities of Workfront for AEM Assets with several more enhancements to support additional functionality and flow between teams. This allows users of AEM and Workfront to harness more tools to streamline the creation, management, and delivery of Assets.

Because of our expertise, we will also present a session for the Leap conference alongside our partner Adobe, “Controlling the Chaos: Digital Asset Mastery with Workfront and Adobe”. This will cover the recent work we did with Adobe to connect their Workfront instance to AEM Assets. Our Director of Solution Consultants will be presenting with Adobe’s Group Studio Manager, Creighton McEwen, to answer many questions plaguing large creative organizations. Sign up today!

Does your implementation partner invest in the Workfront ecosystem and share their knowledge through actual case studies?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.