Hoodoo Digital Gets Cludo Connector for AEM Added to the Adobe Exchange

Hoodoo Digital Gets Cludo Connector for AEM Added to the Adobe Exchange

We are extremely excited to announce that Hoodoo Digital has another connector listed on the Adobe Exchange, the Cludo connector for AEM. This is the fourth connector that Hoodoo has helped to bring to the Adobe Exchange. Co-Founder of Hoodoo Digital, Kem Elbrader said of the announcement, “organizations are taking notice of our expertise in Adobe Experience Manager and the Exchange and coming to us to help them integrate their tools with AEM. We make the process of connecting AEM to these 3rd party marketing tech much easier.”

The Adobe Exchange is an “application marketplace with tools that enhance Adobe product user’s experience for all three of Adobe’s clouds (Document, Creative, and Experience).” These tools are created by third-party developers (oftentimes the company that makes the software being integrating), but certified by Adobe to work with their various products. To learn more about the exchange you can check out this blog post and audio recording from the team at AEMHQ where they talk at length with Adobe about what the Adobe Exchange is.

Cludo has been a great partner to work with. As Tyler Maynard said, “It’s a real benefit to be able to work with a search partner out there that thinks of marketing as well.” They have a wonderful suite of features (Quicklinks, Page Rankings, Smart Banners, and more) that make it much easier for marketers to transform the way visitors use their website. Marketers can work directly from their analytics dashboard in real-time, making data-driven decisions that improve user experiences and enhance conversion rates. We are excited to help bring Cludo’s site search capabilities to users of Adobe Experience Manager, in a much easier way.

The Cludo connector for AEM is a great tool for users, AEM developers, and content authors. Some of the benefits are:

  • Users of the website will have the ability to find whatever content they want
  • AEM developers have cloud configurations for easy administration, with client libraries to support on-page JavaScript snippets or to hold Cludo specific JavaScript and CSS
  • Content authors will have search and search results components for embedding within a template or use in page authoring through the drop area, tools that can trigger Cludo to reindex site content after a “Publish” event, and reporting dashboards for quick and insightful decision making

All of these things are available inside of AEM’s interface, so you don’t need to switch between tools to get access to the things you need.

Does your implementation partner work hard to improve the AEM 3rd party martech environment by creating connectors?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.