Hoodoo Digital Featured in Fastly Partner Case Study

Hoodoo Digital Featured in Fastly Partner Case Study

Fastly recently posted a case study on their website about how we optimize AEM delivery with Fastly. This case study shows some of the improvements that Fastly provides for us to be able to aid users of AEM, such as: improved site performance, reliable uptime and availability, built-in security, and seamless real-time publishing. Andy Wakefield, one of Hoodoo’s Co-founders, said “We’re exploring more ways to integrate Fastly’s features into our platform, so that we can bring the full power of their innovative edge cloud platform to our clients using Adobe Experience Manager.”

Many organizations are choosing to enhance their caching strategy with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Hoodoo is a proud Fastly partner, and has been for several years, assisting several of our customers to adopt the Fastly CDN. We recognized them early on as a leader in this field and we selected them to create a connector to AEM to improve the caching and security system of AEM through our Fastly Connector for AEM. By using the Fastly Connector for AEM the infrastructure is easier to manage.

"The Fastly CDN has removed the risk of the site not performing when a new marketing campaign is launched." - Kirk Nielson - Director, Marketing Technology of Progrexion

As outlined in the case study one of the areas that we are quite excited about has to do with provisioning and management of TLS. We have created a way to be able to manage TLS within AEM and distribute it out to Fastly’s edge cloud platform. To make it easier we created a tool using Let’s Encrypt to auto provision new certificates and refresh existing certificates. Kem Elbrader, Hoodoo’s other Co-founder, said “Almost everything that we needed to do with Fastly, we’ve been able to do through the Fastly API, including configuring Platform TLS. Platform TLS lets our clients easily manage security at scale without sacrificing performance.”

We are pleased to be able to work with such a great partner like Fastly to provide AEM customers a better way to manage their security. Are you looking for a partner that understands the importance of and has created tools to enhance security and caching through Fastly and make it easier to manage in AEM?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.