Hoodoo Available for Follow Up Workfront Leap Conference Discussion

Hoodoo Available for Follow Up Workfront Leap Conference Discussion

Back in June Workfront held their yearly Leap conference to showcase work management tools, software, and skills to assist organizations in their efforts to streamline the process of work management. As part of that virtual conference Hoodoo was invited to present a session to highlight the work that they did to assist Adobe in connecting Workfront to their Adobe Experience Manager Assets environment, and how it improved their work flow.

Our session, “Controlling the Chaos: Digital Asset Mastery with Workfront and Adobe”, has been available on Workfront's website since Leap 2020, but this Wednesday Workfront is sponsoring a follow up event to allow people to be able to reach out with additional questions in case they weren't able to do so when the session first aired. Please join us from 8-9am Wednesday August 26th for a personal discussion with our Workfront team of experts, including the session presenter, Erik Ingebrigtsen, for a personal Q&A session. Sign up here.

Hoodoo is always available to answer questions about the capabilities of the Workfront Tools for AEM connector, or in general about how organizations can leverage the capabilities of Workfront and AEM Assets. Just reach out any time. Additionally, you can also check out our Adobe Summit session where we showed how we helped CenturyLink with the Workfront Tools for AEM connector.

Do you need an implementation partner trusted by Workfront and Adobe to improve work flow and asset management?

We do. We're Hoodoo.