Dave Kenison Completes AEM Sites Architect Certification

Dave Kenison Completes AEM Sites Architect Certification

There's always lots of good stuff happening at Hoodoo Digital. We are pleased to announce that Dave Kenison has completed the Adobe Certified Master exam for the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect. This exam certifies that he “has proven knowledge and experience to help clients optimize the value of their Adobe solution.” Adobe provides an exam guide that outlines the things that an Architect should be proficient with in order to pass the exam.

At a minimum, the candidate seeking certification should have and be able to:

  • A minimum 2-3 years of web and content centric application development experience.
  • Design, configure, and deploy an AEM application in multiple modes (author, publisher) along with optimal dispatcher configurations.
  • Analyze business requirements and follow best practices to produce an executable solution.
  • Advise and participate in all phases of an AEM project.

The minimally-qualified AEM Architect should be familiar with the following tools and comfortable in the following environments:

  • IDEs
  • Tools used to build components/templates
  • Curl
  • AEM ACS commons
  • Health reports
  • Explain query
  • CRX explorer
  • User admin tool
  • Packet manager
  • Build tools (e.g. Maven, Gradle)
  • Source Control (e.g. Git, Perforce, Subversion)
  • Performance testing tools (e.g. JMeter, LoadRunner)
  • Diagramming applications (e.g. Visio, OmniGraffle)
  • Linux/Other Unix systems
  • Windows Server
  • Networks and network topologies
  • Web servers (e.g. IIS, Apache)
  • Build environments and Continuous Integration Servers (e.g. Jenkins)

We asked Dave why he wanted to pass this certification and his response was: “My goal is complete mastery of all facets of AEM implementation and platform administration and this certification is an important milestone in that process. This helps me know how to lead an AEM implementation from start to finish, fine-tune an implementation, troubleshoot problems, and ensure the client is getting the maximum benefit from all of the out-of-the-box features.”

Dave is an AEM Architect and has been with Hoodoo Digital since September of 2019. He has worked on several projects as a full stack developer and Architect. We are very proud of his hard work in completing the certification and are so glad to have him part of the Hoodoo team.

Does your implementation partner have dedicated team members certified by Adobe to be experts in their field?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.