Controlling the Chaos: Digital Asset Mastery with Workfront and Adobe

At Workfront's Leap 2020 conference we were asked to share our expertise around integrating Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager. So we selected one of our latest clients that we helped. Our session, “Controlling the Chaos: Digital Asset Mastery with Workfront and Adobe”, covered the recent work we did with Adobe's internal Marketing Hub to connect their Workfront instance to AEM Assets, with the help of our Workfront Tools for AEM connector. Our Director of Solution Consultants, Erik Ingebrigtsen, presented with Adobe’s Group Studio Manager, Creighton McEwen, to show what we did and answer many questions plaguing large creative organizations.

As both a Workfront Certified Partner with Workfront certified consultants on staff and an Adobe Gold partner, Hoodoo is well positioned to assist many organizations in setting up and using Workfront as well as connecting it with Adobe Experience Manager. We look forward to showcasing our talent to and assisting users of both platforms to harness the power of an integrated asset and work management system to streamline the creation, management, and delivery of assets.

Does your implementation partner stand out as an expert in both Workfront and Adobe Experience Cloud to guide you through the process of integration?

We do. We’re Hoodoo.