Adobe’s Digital Foundation Blueprint and How It Can Help You

By Bailey Alder

Adobe’s Digital Foundation Blueprint and How It Can Help You

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service has taken the AEM tech space by storm this year and has garnered most of the attention. However, before AEM as a Cloud Service came into the picture, a significant implementation approach was introduced: Digital Foundation Blueprint. While Adobe has only started to promote it, we wanted to discuss this new implementation process and show how it can achieve successful outcomes at even faster speeds.

The intention is to bypass older, and in some cases, almost outdated processes that use heavy customization as the norm and leverage a refreshed set of Adobe's best practices. By using the most beneficial approaches like Digital Foundation Blueprint, we can give clients the advantage of a speedier go-live, and thus the benefit of time. What makes this method so appealing? If you have a marketing or product goal that has been set but seems unrealistic given a tight deadline—this new method provides guidelines to complete an AEM site within 90 days.

Adobe's Digital Foundation Blueprint is a holistic approach that differs from the typical workflow by defining a two-phase process compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service, Adobe Managed Services, and self-hosted infrastructures. It works like this:

Customers implementing AEM can benefit from the Digital Foundation Blueprint strategy, whether greenfield or as part of an already existing implementation. A team of experts (that's us) will work with you to analyze your goals and expectations. Through the use of Core Components, Experience Fragments, Editable Templates, and out of the box features, we organize the tools so that your content team can create the experiences you want.

Next, we determine what will be part of the phase two implementation. We build the site within a shorter time frame and publish it, allowing you to quickly meet your marketing goals! This isn’t just a short term win, it’s a head start that will continue to ensure brand consistency and deliver value. You can accomplish 80-90% of your site's goals using these tools, so why not get them going first and then come back around to the custom work later, since it might take a while.

And what marketing objective wouldn't be complete without some form of user tracking and personalization? AEM can be combined with Adobe's premier tools for this job, namely Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, as they are already set up to integrate seamlessly with each other. Digital Foundation Blueprint offers these tools to be used with AEM, if you aren't already paying for them, as a scaled-down free tier. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to personalize the content, test which message resonates the best, or track the success that your new marketing plan will have.

At Hoodoo Digital, we invest heavily in ongoing training to leverage the latest Adobe prescribed best practices to accomplish your AEM implementation quickly and with ease. By utilizing this method and its capabilities, we produce a simplified and modern approach to projects. Most importantly the end-result in an AEM solution that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the platform while providing a consistent, well-documented authoring experience. If you want to hear more about the Digital Foundation Blueprint approach or need guidance for streamlining your current processes—drop us a line, and turn those goals into a reality.