ACME Tool is Available for Everyone

ACME Tool is Available for Everyone

In case you missed it, the AEM Component Markup Extractor tool, also known as ACME, is an open source project and available to everyone.

On May 5th, 2020, Tyler Maynard presented his submission for the AEM Rockstar session, usually held live at Adobe Summit, about a unique workflow involving Adobe XD, Storybook, and Adobe Experience Manager. In that session, Tyler showed how designers working in XD and Storybook could turn around, quite quickly, new designs that would be available within AEM components for authoring teams to be able to use, without long delays or the need for expensive development teams.

So what is the ACME tool exactly? It is a simple command-line tool to generate Storybook stories from content defined in an AEM instance. As the Github page indicates, ACME parses the rendered HTML of the Core Components example pages to generate stories based on those components. At the moment the AEM Core Component examples are a requirement and must be installed on the instance for this to work successfully. But there is no reason that customized components couldn’t be used in the future with some work.

Additionally, it has a very specific use case of working with Adobe XD, Storybook, and Adobe Experience Manager, but there is no reason why it can’t be used with other similar systems. In fact, one of the roadmap items is to broaden the project out to include, among others, systems like Figma and Styleguidist.

ACME is an open source project that anyone is welcome to participate in. At Hoodoo Digital, we welcome contributions from the wider AEM development community, as well as helping to share lasting techniques and tools that others can utilize in their implementations. Please consider participating in and helping to improve this award-winning project. For additional information please see our Design Systems that Scale page.

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