A bit about us.

We’re not a standard agency or system integrator. We’re something else. We’re start-up in size and agility but have proven enterprise-scale capabilities. We’re technologists who are deeply connected to business needs. And we’re creatives who can talk CMS specifics.

Which is why organizations turn to Hoodoo when they want technology and creative solutions. Or more to the point, when they want to achieve great customer experiences.

A rock-solid yet cutting-edge approach

Software development methodologies continue to evolve, valuing more rapid action in response to customer feedback and business priorities. And we’re on the forefront of that evolution. We follow a continuous delivery-based approach to development, giving you real-time insight into progress and direction.

The Hoodoo Way

From beginning to end and beyond

Focus on Your
Business Priorities

Our fully managed platform for AEM gives your marketing team the ability to drive priorities and continuously deliver.

Our DevOps

Deliver on Your
AEM Expectations

Our consultants, architects, and creatives know better than anyone how to deliver a successful AEM-based experience.

Our Services

Bridge the Gap in Your
Marketing Technologies

Our strategic partnerships with key experience technologies mean fewer barriers, more possibilities, and lower costs.

Our Connectors

How our clients benefit

And why so many are turning to us

Add Capabilities

Our expert strategic thinkers and technologists put AEM capabilities fully to work for your business.

Increase Efficiency

We’re efficient in our practices. Plus we deliver increased operational speed for our customers.

Elevate Experiences

Everything we do is tied to improving the experiences of your teams and your customers.

Our team

Andy Wakefield
Kem Elbrader
Broc Neagle
AEM Architect
Gradey Cullins
Software Engineer
Kevin Faerber
AEM Architect
Peter Nash
Manager of Content Marketing
Curtis Nixon
AEM Engineer
Tyler Maynard
AEM Solutions Architect
Eric Faerber
AEM Architect
Nisha Williams
Software Engineer
Tyler Rasmussen
AEM Engineer

Why you should join us

We’re also a different kind of place to work, from the way we share our profits to how we treat people.

Our Partners

The companies we bond with

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure