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Hoodoo Digital is now a Magento Business Partner

We continue to invest in the Adobe partner ecosystem.

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Making Site Search Manageable for AEM

Let us help you unlock the power of intelligent site search for marketers on your AEM sites with the Cludo Connector for AEM.

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Our most in-demand service right now?
It’s DevOps.

Discover the unique Hoodoo solution to addressing this critical part of the process.

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Our Clients

Some of the companies we help

RR Donnelley
Estee Lauder
LDS Church
Stanford University

Our Services

The things we do for our clients

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Manager

We’ve done AEM deployments of all types and sizes. The only constant across all of them is their success.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Experience Design

Our creatives get how to turn technology and ideas into powerful brand expressions and customer experiences.

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Our Connectors

Adobe Experience Manager becomes more powerful when it’s connected with other technology. We’ve prebuilt a set of connectors so organizations can unlock the power of combined technologies–and to streamline dev time substantially.

Fastly Connector by Hoodoo

Fastly Connector
by Hoodoo

With minimal dev time, this connector allows you to accelerate AEM with Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform.

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uStudio Connector by Hoodoo

uStudio Connector
by Hoodoo

Add next-gen video asset management capabilities to AEM and watch your video content delivery take off.

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Workfront Connector by Hoodoo

Workfront Connector
by Hoodoo

Both Workfront and AEM can be critical to streamlining work inside organizations. Now imaging the power of the two together.

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uStudio Connector by Hoodoo

Cludo Connector
by Hoodoo

Within the boundaries of AEM, view actionable search analytics while optimizing site search and creating customizable content.

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Your Connector by Hoodoo

And we’re building new connectors all the time. We build connectors for specific industries and use cases. We create them for software partners who want to amplify their value. We’re all about the connections.

Our Partners

The companies we bond with

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure